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About the book

Managing Coaching at Work offers a practical approach for determining whether, what and how to implement workplace coaching. It allows a compelling business case for equiping all managers with coaching skills , building and developing in-house practices and executive coach pools, and offers a powerful approach for assessing the organizational impacts of coaching, allowing confident decisions to be taken on how to develop, source and maximise the use of coaching to meet any organization’s business objectives.

Written by a multiple award-winning former coaching project leader (and consultant to other organizations) and a pioneer of an innovative approach for evaluating coaching, the book explores what ‘coaching' means, emphasizing the role it should play in supporting individual development and people management strategy. The business context of coaching is given special attention, whilst an approach to ensure that investments in coaching remain properly aligned with changing needs is described. Alternative approaches to implementation are considered, based on differing definitions and business contexts, providing readers with practical tips and techniques for avoiding pitfalls and implementing change effectively.

Managing Coaching at Work presents a simple, proven approach for evaluating the contribution coaching makes within an organisation. Offering a practical method and illustrated examples, the book shows how to address the apparent difficulty of evaluating the outputs of a discipline which often aims to change individuals’ mindsets and behaviours rather than fill skill/knowledge gaps or offer answers ‘on a plate’, and for which objectives are often kept private.

Factors to be considered when reviewing how to take a coaching initiative forward are also described, and attention is given to coaching in its many different guises - for example, as a professional practice, as a skill for line managers and as a combined development intervention with training.

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Key topics include:
~The agenda for coaching - organisational contexts, objectives, contribution relative to other interventions, integration with organisation strategy and other initiatives
~Implementation choices
~How to embed coaching
~Coaching evaluation
~Sustaining and developing coaching.

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