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Selected articles and white papers written by Jackie and Clive can be viewed or printed from here.

Please check back from time-to-time, as we’ll occasionally add new articles and other information that we think may be of interest. Please note: most articles use the .PDF file format.

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Is it Time to Ramp-up In-house Coaching? Examines the range of options available for delivering coaching within an organization, and how to decide which mix is most appropriate.
Insights from Coaching Experience Summarises the learnings of more than 30 organizations who have well established coaching programmes.
Be a coach and a mediator? Considers the similarities of coaching in conflict and mediating workplace disputes.
Does gender matter? Drawing on recent research, considers whether the gender of a coach or coachee may have an impact on a coaching relationship.
Coaching on the fly Explores the value of ad hoc coaching and the limitations many managers find when attempting to informally coach staff.
Measuring Return on People Investments Examines the latest thinking on measuring the 'immeasurable' - proving returns on coaching, learning and other 'people projects'.
Fallacies and Fixes Examines common fallacies inherent in many approaches for assessing return on investment on coaching and presents approaches for overcoming these.
Evaluating Coaching Considers how to approach evaluating the often intangible outputs of coaching.
Kirkpatrick Revisited Considers how to achieve the often elusive level 4 (business results) in Donald Kirkpatrick's well known learning evaluation approach, as well as how to quantify the impacts that are observed.



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