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                Coaching audit

                          Coaching audit        
  • Quickly and effectively gain an independent and robust picture of where you are now and where you want to go
  • Ensure that coaching is put in full context with what the organization wants and needs
  • Help engage skeptical stakeholders
  • Benchmark against structured model
  • Present outcomes using powerful reporting
  • Identify forward options, priorities and areas where energy may need to be focused

"Set direction for your coaching initiative."


Our audit service enables you to quickly establish whether your coaching initiative matches up to what is expected of it, both from yourself and from other key organization stakeholders. Any areas which fall short of the use and extent of coaching that you want to achieve are highlighted, showing what needs to be done to meet these aspirations. Crucially, auditing provides powerful information to help inform how and where to take your coaching next, as well as offering a benchmark against which future progress can be measured.

Usually involving 3 to 4 days consultancy, an audit study makes use of a structured benchmarking tool that's relevant for a variety of coaching applications.

In the simple but comprehensive audit report we provide, red-amber-green colour-coding shows how well your existing coaching matches or exceeds its targeted use against both business and people management needs, as well as the extent to which coaching practise is entrenched and how well the coaching skillbase is developed. The audit report provided also includes an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the coaching implementation (including support needs for skill development, quality assurance, progress and direction coaching, support for coaches and managers, integration with training and other initiatives, and other factors as relevant).

Coaching applications addressed by the tool include implementions focused on starting or toe-dipping with coaching, targetted uses for tactical/initiative–specific needs or to meet business critical objectives, and embedding coaching into manager skill sets. Either or a mix of these may be included in a single audit study, depending on what's relevant to your current practice and aspirations.

The approach takes account of how coaching has been delivered in the organization (e.g. manager as coach training, launching an in-house practice, using external coaches, etc.) and also accounts for the organization's individual culture and so suitability for different approaches for moving the implementation forward.

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