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  • Draw on the experience of consultants who have worked on both sides of the fence as independent advisors to organizations and on-payroll staff charged with responsibility for making coaching work
  • Gain insight from more than 100 organizations worldwide who’ve used coaching in a variety of ways and to meet a wide range of business needs
  • Engage consultants who are award-winning, prominent in their field and active thought leaders
  • Benefit from effective micro-tools, action learning set exercises and access to a wealth of resources to help tackle problems and build skills
  • Gain targeted, to the point advice when and where appropriate
  • Avoid common pitfalls, being confident to take your coaching implementation forward on a firm footing

"Offering practical solutions based on deep experience."


Our consultants bring a wealth of expertise to help ensure that your coaching programme wins stakeholder support, sets off on the right footing and engages commitment from the people who it's meant to benefit. With access to a wide variety of templates and tools, knowledge of proven approaches for selling, embedding and teaching coaching, and expertise of integrating coaching initiatives within the broader scope of a business's people and organization skill needs, we're able to offer effective, insightful and inspirational support at any stage of coaching implementation. Several of the templates we may refer to are described in our book Managing Coaching at Work.

We focus on advising clients who have well-established coaching programmes as well as those who are starting out or at an early stage of implementation, including those facing logjams and needing to re-energise manager as coach programmes. Working with you and others in your organization to understand how cultural and other factors may influence the way that coaching is taken forward, we'll help you put into practice innovative and enduring solutions.

Our associates come from a variety of backgrounds, all with extensive consulting and coaching experience and used to operating at senior levels. Several are award-winning, including holders of the prestigious Association for Coaching award for 'Outstanding Contribution to Business' and 'Coaching at Work' magazine's 'Person of the Year'. Please click here to find out more about some of our team.

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