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All templates mentioned in the book, together with a couple more, can be downloaded from this page (some are accompanied by filled-in examples, downloadable as separate files). Templates use either PDF, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel formats. Simply click ‘download’ for the templates you wish to view or save to your computer.

Template Description Download
Coaching Focus Model Information about the application and scope of the Coaching Focus Diagnostic Model.        
Advertisement Template for advertising for potential in-house coach candidates.
Coach Role Specification Role profile specification for individuals undertaking a Coach's role.
In-house Coach Selection Checklist Check-list of possible candidate selection criteria for recruiting in-house coaches.
External Coach Selection Checklist Check-list of possible candidate selection criteria for recruiting external coaches.
people-ASSiST Coach's Toolkit Information about people-ASSiST, a full-featured coach's toolkit developed by Clive.        
Stakeholder Analysis Template and example for considering the relative importance and influence of individuals who may have an interest in or affect on the success of a coaching programme.
Coaching Request Form Template for staff or line managers to describe a request for coaching.
Coachee Reflection Form Template form for coachees to consider what they wish to cover during a coaching session, and for reflecting on insights that they have gained and actions they've committed to following a session.
Coaching Bodies Listing of professional coaching associations and accrediting bodies (including website hyperlinks).
Coaching Journals Listing of journals and magazines dedicated to coaching research and practice (including website hyperlinks).
Coach Training Information about coaching training courseware offered by Keddy Consultants.        
Sample 360/180 ° survey questions Sample questions that might be used in 360/180 ° surveys, supporting audit or evaluation of coaching practice and impacts:
For coaches
For coachees
For the manager as coach
For managers of coachees

Learnings Capture Microsoft Excel worksheet template for capturing, filtering and tracking learnings gained from coaching practice.
Supervisor Role Specification Role profile specification for individuals undertaking a Coach Supervisor's role.
Scope of Training for Supervisors Suggested training coverage for coach supervisors.
Coaching Management Process Framework Listing of suggested sub-processes for managing an in-house coaching practice.
Coaching Management Sub-Process – New Coaching Applications Possible sub-processes for assessing new coaching applications.
Coaching Management Sub-Process – Aligning Business Need Possible sub-processes for ensuring that uses of coaching keep in step with business needs.
JaM Micro-tools Examples of simple tools that can be used when individuals ask a manager for 'just a minute' of their time.



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