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BBC Sussex/Surrey  Clive Johnson 'talks coaching', alongside reflections on his career and background in an interview for BBC Sussex/Surrey.
Jackie Keddy  Jackie Keddy reflects on how her background has helped shape her views on the role of coaching in organizations, explaining how this influenced her desire to make the book highly practical and relevant for real situations on the ground.
Clive Johnson  Clive Johnson describes how he came to be a coach and why he believes many organizations struggle to make coaching stick.
The Manager As Coach  Jackie Keddy describes how basic coaching skill can help front-line managers in their crucial day-to-day role.
Evaluating Coaching  Clive Johnson explains why evaluating the impact and effectiveness of coaching is hard and outlines an approach that helps to address this challenge.
Business Books Talk  Clive talks to Business Book Talk host Bob Garlick about writing Managing Coaching and trends in the coaching world.


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