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                Progressing coaching

                          Coaching progression        
  • Benefit from quick hit, cost-effective support, drawing on past experience and resources
  • Identify priorities for taking coaching to the next stage, having more impact in the business, proving its worth (or re-energising manager as coach programmes)
  • Move a stalling programme forwards to embrace coaching

"Set the right course for your coaching initiative."


Our experience of championing and embedding coaching programmes has assisted in us using this first hand knowledge in supporting coaching programmes at various stages of implementation. We can help you help you quickly set your coaching initiative on the right course and avoiding common pitfalls. Often just 1 or 2 day's consultancy may give you a vital steer that can save weeks of work.

Support to progress a coaching programme usually following on from an audit or evaluation study or be targeted to set direction for a new direction for coaching (e.g. training managers as coaches alongside an existing in-house practice), to re-energise manager interest or to move a stalling initiative out of the doldrums, but can be relevant at any stage of an implementation, and whatever the focus for coaching is. We especially aim support for individuals who are charged with responsibility for making coaching happen but who may not necessarily pulling the organisationís strings or have large budgets and total support from an executive level (this is a situation which we are well familiar with, with several of our associates having been in this position).

In addition to targeted knowledge-sharing, support may involve a mix of audit, consultancy and training, depending on your specific needs, backed up with insight of what works and choosing a forward intimidation approach that is right for you and your organisation.

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