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  • A comprehensive toolset written by Clive and developed with the help of close to 70 organisations, offering tools for coaches, managers and coachees
  • Kindle version available for less than the price of a mug of coffee!
  • Packed with PDF templates and tools useful to anyone who coaches people that can be emailed to an email address simply by clicking on links directly in your Kindle book!
  • Wide ranging coverage, spanning topics as diverse as coping with adversity to remote working
  • Simple, to-the-point bullet point notes and mind maps for easy reference and instant use without prior knowledge
  • Supported by a simple shorthand approach for note taking, recording lessons learned and scheduling coaching conversations
  • Handouts can be instantly e-mailed or printed off as PDF files
  • Supported by more than 30 primers covering a range of coaching topics

"An inspiring and valuable aid for the busy coach or manager."
~London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham


Our comprehensive resource aid for managers, coaches and mentors, is designed to support a wide variety of situations faced in helping individuals achieve their potential, develop skills and improve performance.

Presented in e-Book form for Kindle, the toolkit packs key notes, special forms, problem solving techniques, exercises, tip sheets, question cues and more into one, easy-access desk aid. With wide-ranging materials, the kit caters for the differing needs of experienced in-house coaches, mentors and the manager as coach.

Developed with the help of close to 70 leading organisations and drawing on extensive coaching expertise and research, the full-featured toolkit helps a novice make coaching and mentoring a part of their everyday skills repertoire, whilst providing an flexible reference aid for the more experienced coach. An invaluable complement to training or supervisor support, the kit is equally well suited to the needs of the in-house coach who may be practising as a dedicated coach alongside other responsibilities.

The kit is designed to support a coach's continuous learning, sharpen their expertise and provide an easy tap-in to expert knowledge.

Each kit includes:

  • Key notes, question cue sheets and tools supporting a wide range of popular topics
  • Comprehensive coaching and mentoring primer (covering more than 30 foundation and advanced topics)
  • Quick reference tip guides
  • Supporting hand-outs for coachees
  • A simple, shorthand note taking system
  • An instant view coaching schedule
  • A personal learning journal
  • Question line mind maps
  • Auto-email PDF tools and examples to any email address when on-line
  • Suggested exercises and briefing notes for staff, covering a growing range of topics.

Coaching principles and models are also introduced for managers who may have limited or no coach training or experience, whilst guidance is also given for integrating coaching, mentoring and training styles in the workplace.

The kit provides a 'complete guide to managing people' and is designed for easy reference using Kindle or devices capable of reading Kindle format (including most smart phones, tablets and computers, using freely downloaded apps from Amazon).

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